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What is the best touristic atraction


I would like to visit Mato Grosso in Brazil, as I saw there is pretty cool nature there. And so, what places do you recommend? about transportation, is it easy?

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Fernanda Berlezi

Fernanda Berlezi

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Hi Luane,

In Mato Grosso you need to know Chapada dos Guimarães. 

and Nobres  ! People say that Cuiabá   it's a beatiful city too. But all the nature is around Chapada and Nobres. 

I'm going for carnaval, and i will rent a car at the airport. Chapada is 1 hour from Cuiaba! 

You can go to pantanal!!!! It's amazing! 

In Pantanal, the locals speak english and they make all the tour in english! Its very amazing! You can see birds, aligators, jaguar, piranhas e all the animals from there! They do a safari at day and another one in river at nigth. 

When i was there, i took a bus from Bonito. Few hours, but it's worth.

 Bonito  is the most beatiful place in the world!!!! It 's like 4 hours driving from Mato Grosso do Sul .  

there are transportations at the airport! You can stay in a Hostel and share transportation until the whaterfalls and rivers!

In all this places, the whater is very transparent. You can dive, snorkel, and trails!!!

Good Luck! And enjoy our country :)

(sorry about my english)

Lugares mencionados
  1. Chapada dos Guimarães , MT BR
  2. Nobres , MT
  3. Cuiabá , MT
  4. Bonito , MS BR
  5. Mato Grosso do Sul , MS BR

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